In partnership with the USAID, IntraHealth and CHB we built together a platform for the youth and adolescents where they can share their problems with the institutions and persons that are always ready to answer their questions and advise them on tough decisions and train them on how to conduct their lives.

This has been one of the most interesting projects that our team has worked with international NGos that are looking to use technology to solve youth issues and offer to their community an easy way to interact with them and gain access to their necessary services.

The impact of YaHealth on the youth and adolescents is huge and will have a lasting impact on the Rwandan society in general. This makes us proud of working with the NGOs like USAID and IntraHealth to provide necessary technological tools and medium that helps someone somewhere get access to a needed service easier than before and faster as well.

So far the web application and mobile application are supported by a USSD service that is available for free.

As of today more than one million young people have accessed the services through a mobile app, a web application and USSD code that is available on the main telephone carriers in Rwanda.

We will be more than happy to see this project having an impact on the youth that needs the health services that are available through the apps.